knitting in hellroaring canyon

Just back from a week-long stay in the Centennial Valley, about 25 miles west of West Yellowstone. At about 6000 ft elevation, and surrounded by mountains, it was a great place to spend the recent western heat wave. We stayed at the Elk Lake Resort, our favorite kind of place to stay - comfortable, clean cabins in a lovely remote location, good food and nice helpful hosts.  

Charlie took photos and I knit whenever possible. That's me knitting on a plank bridge near the mouth of the Hellroaring Creek.



Wild Blue Flax was blooming in profusion every morning, but gone by afternoon!



centennial-valley-7-4-2013The dramatic weather when the heat wave finally broke made for glorious sunsets.


0 #2 Jessica 2013-07-20 12:12
Cool! I live here in this valley! and vist Elk Lake all the time! Small world!
0 #1 Mokihana 2013-07-15 21:57
Wait!! Only three photos???? I need more more more more more!!! The ones you posted are absolutely gorgeous! Will you be posting more?

Not that I'm anxious or anything!

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