Polwarth/Tussah | Merino, Yak, Silk

Hand Painted Spinning Fibers are available for purchase at select Local Yarn Shops and from my Etsy Shop

All fibers are available in all colorways, with the exception of Merino, Yak, Silk because some colors do not look good dyed over the gray color of this fiber.

All fibers below were produced by combing the fibers, and are called combed top. It is a delightful preparation to spin. It is created by passing fibers through combs, aligning the fibers and removing all short fibers, second cuts, and vegetable matter. The result is a smooth even preparation that results in an even yarn. No slubs, nubs, neps, or other sort of lump in this fiber.

Roving – Combed Top is sometimes called roving.



Polwarth/Tussah SilkPolwarth Tussah Top in Weathered Wood Colorway 

Polwarth/Tussah - Polwarth is a fine wool with relatively long fiber length.  In this preparation, it is blended with Tussah Silk. The blend has a lovely sheen and next-to-the skin softness. This luxury blend is a pleasure to spin!

4 ounce braid

85% Polwarth Wool

15% Tussah Silk

Merino Yak and Silk in Flathead Cherry Colorway

Merino, Yak, Silk Top 

Merino, Yak, Silk – A blend of luxury fibers, it is incredibly soft and a delight to spin. Before dyeing, the fiber was a soft grey, resulting in subtle muted tones when dyed. 

2 ounce braid

60% Fine Merino Wool (21.5 microns)

20% Tibetan Yak (18.5 microns)

20% Silk

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