In which there is a Fiber Festival, a birthday, car trouble, and a happy ending!

What a great trip to the Log Cabin Spin In, Post Falls, Idaho, this past weekend! My friend Laura M. went with me, and we sure are a smooth team putting up and taking down the booth, as well as helping all the friendly folks who stop by the booth. Below is my booth, all set up, with new banners, all the yarn in place, lights on, waiting for the show to open. I loved seeing so many old friends and meeting new people. Thanks to all who stopped by!


The Spin-In was held on Saturday, March 28, and by 5:30pm we had taken down the booth, loaded my pickup with all the booth stuff, and headed to dinner. That evening, Laura and I celebrated a successful show with a glass (or two) of wine in our hotel room.  Sunday morning we took it slowly, enjoying a bit of a sleep-in and a nice cup of coffee. Then we loaded our personal belongings in the truck, ready for the 3 hour drive home.

I turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened, again and again. So I called AAA and in less than an hour, Hal, the "Battery Life Specialist" (who knew!) arrived. Hal was friendly and helpful, but after many tries was unable to get the truck started. It wasn't the battery, it was the starter motor. On Sunday in Post Falls, there is no place to get car repairs.

Laura and I were dismayed. We wanted to get home. It was my birthday, and I wanted to spend it with my family. Then Hal pointed out that since I had the Premier AAA card, we would qualify for free towing for up to 200 miles!  A quick check with Google Maps confirmed that our trip home was just under that. Hal called AAA, and arranged for a tow truck to come.

Here is Dave, loading my truck onto his flatbed. In the back of the truck are all of my booth supplies, and many boxes of yarn and fiber. 

loading the pickup

Laura and I rode in the cab of the flatbed with Dave, and had enough room to get some knitting done! We started home about 2 hours after we first tried to start the truck. On the plus side, the weather was glorious, Dave was a nice guy, and the route from Post Falls to Missoula is so beautiful, over two mountain passes, along creeks, though historic towns. Now that we were heading home, Laura and I were upbeat, and we always have a good time together. Also, I didn't have to pay for gas on the return trip!

Unfortunately, the side view mirrors on the flatbead truck were damaged, and Dave kept having to stop and shove them back on. First the passenger side mirror.

fix mirror on passenger side

 Then on the driver's side.

fix mirror drivers side

Laura's husband, Jeff, is a retired mechanic, and has worked on our truck in the past. So the truck was headed to their house, conveniently 188 miles from the hotel parking lot in Post Falls, just under our 200 mile free tow limit. After dropping me off near my home and picking up Laura's car, which she had left at my house, Dave followed Laura to her house. Laura reports that the mirrors came off 4 more times between our houses. Poor Dave!

Finally, the truck was off-loaded into Jeff's immaculate shop. Since I live 3 miles up a dirt road and it is mud season, my truck was caked with dry mud. I know Jeff's shop must have been pretty dirty by the time he finished with my car. So sorry, load pickup

My husband made a delicious birthday dinner for me, and I was very happy to be home. Laura reported that she thoroughly enjoyed her glass of wine after offloading the truck. She also said when Jeff turned the keys in the ignition, my truck started!!! Apparently that is typical for a faulty starter motor. Today, Jeff replaced the starter motor, and my truck is coming home tomorrow.

I did have a wonderful birthday, just not exactly the one I had expected.


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