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Creek BedLolo Shawl | Libby's Shawl


Creek Bed (available from Ravelry, US$6)

Creek Bed Vixen and Flathead Cherrry Welcome

Creek Bed is an asymmetrical shawl whose textures remind me of the creek bottoms around my western Montana home. Creek Bed can be knit in two or three colors. Instructions are provided in both charts and written directions. This shawl is knit in a series of short row wedges. Each wedge is a different shape, creating an overall crescent that wraps nicely around your neck. The finished size is about 51” wide and 14” deep.

This is a fun shawl to knit. Once you get the hang of it, it is a social knit.

The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn. You will need two 100

Creek Bed three colors Alight

 g skeins of yarn in different colors. For the three-color shawl, an additional 10 g (~44 yards) of a third color is needed. Other yarn weights can be used but will require different amounts of yarn. The pattern shows two different shawls: one in Raven Ridge Fiber Arts Alight (50% Merino/50% Silk) and the other in Raven Ridge Fiber Arts Welcome (80% SW Merino/20% Nylon).

Skills Required: German Short Rows/Double Stitch (links to tutorials provided), ability to recognize knit and purl stitches in the previous row.

Lolo Shawl (available from Ravelry, US$5)

Lolo Shawl

Lolo Shawl is named after the Lolo National Forest that surrounds my home in western Montana.

The shape of the shawl wraps easily and comfortably around your neck, and stays in place. The pattern is written for fingering weight yarn, but can easily be adapted for any weight yarn, including hand spun (Customer Gallery). This is a short-row shawl pattern that uses two colors of yarn, and is knit side to side, from point to point. It is all done in garter stitch. The pattern includes detailed instructions with many photos to explain how to do short-rows, and hints for changing yarn colors smoothly. It is appropriate for adventurous advanced beginners. The instructions are written, no chart.

GraniteShawl edited-2

Lolo Shawl is equally effective with 2 subtly different colors or 2 contrasting colors. The green shawl was knit with one skein of Lambent yarn and one skein of Welcome. The pink and grey shawl was knit with two skeins of Lambent. Suggested Yarns: Alight, Lambent, Welcome, Friendly, Graceful. Sample knit with Lambent and Welcome. Click here for details on these yarns, and here for colorways.Lolo Shawl, back

The pattern is easy to memorize, so this is a great project for travel or while watching TV or listening to audiobooks.

The finished shawl in fingering weight yarn measures ~32” across and 11” deep (red arrow). It uses 2 100g skeins of fingering weight yarn. Larger or smaller shawls and different yarn weights will require different quantities of yarn.




Libby’s Shawl (available from Ravelry, US$6)Libby's Shawl

Libby’s Shawl is composed of three lacey triangles knit simultaneously from the top down. This creates a shawl that curves nicely around your neck and shoulders and stays in place whether worn open or wrapped more snugly.

The shawl is worked from a small tab at the center back/top, and worked outwards/down to the edge, making it easy to knit the shawl till you almost run out of yarn or until it is the size you want. The sample is worked in fingering weight yarn, but any weight yarn would work, though that would change how much yarn is needed. A single skein of fingering weight yarn created the sample shawl which is 14” deep, and 48” along the top edge, from wingtip to wingtip. The sample was knit with Lambent Yarn, but would also work well with Alight,Libby HC pat3 edited-2 Graceful, Welcome, and Friendly. Clickhere for details on these yarns, and here for colorways.

The pattern is charted, but includes written line-by-line instructions for the first few rows of the chart to get you started. The pattern is appropriate for intermediate and advanced knitters who can read a chart.

Special thanks to Evelyn A. Clark for her book, Knitting Lace Triangles (now available in a second edition), which inspired this shawl.





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Repeatable Colorways from Raven Ridge Fiber Arts. Click on images to enlarge.

Rock Wall Colorway

Rock Wall Colorway

Rock Wall - This mid-dark gray colorway was inspired by the dark rock faces that form the backdrop of many mountain vistas.  Rock Wall is darker and slightly warmer than Gray Granite. This dark neutral works beautifully as a 'solid' and combined with, well, any of my other colors.

Opera House Colorway

Opera House Colorway

Opera House – This deep teal colorway was inspired by the fading paint on the old Opera House door in the small town of Phillipsburg, MT. The Montana landscape has a human component too.

Rhyolite Robin's Egg ColorwayRhyolite Robin's Egg Colorway

Rhyolite Robin's Egg - On a recent trip Yellowstone National Park we saw a cliff along the Yellowstone River with blue streaks in it. I developed this colorway to reflect these robins egg blue streaks among the gray and tan rocky layers. Being a science-y kind of person, I consulted with a geologist friend and discovered that the rocks are rhyolite lava flows. The blue coloration is likely due to 'hydrothermal alteration' the upward percolation hot fluids over many thousands of years. 

Wild Rose Colorway

Wild Rose Colorway

Wild Rose - After a long cold snowy winter here in western Montana (2017), I yearned for a bright, warm, cheerful colorway. I knew this rose that my husband photographed on a hike late last spring to the Lewis and Clark Pass would be perfect.  Wild roses like this one are common in moist areas like the small stream we followed through alpine meadows on our way to the pass.

deepforest colorcard edited 1

Deep Forest Colorway

Deep Forest - In the forest, underneath the trees and in the thickets, are the secret places where creatures hide and plant growth and death proceed slowly. These places are dark and green and rich. As I walk quietly through the woods, I find myself caught up in the mystery of these deep dark places.

Lupine Colorway

Lupine Colorway

Lupine - When the Lupines bloom in spring they carpet the ground in all shades of purple to white. But this bunch in an alpine meadow was a deep rich blue, with only hints of purple, and that is what I set out to capture in Lupine Colorway.


Flicker Colorway

Flicker - The flickers around our house are flashy birds, but I was particularly taken by the (unflashy) soft grays and browns
of the females' heads. I wanted a sweater in exactly that

Beargrass Colorway

Beargrass Colorway

Beargrass – A dramatic plant in the Lily Family that blooms in the spring in the forest understory. The flowering stems grow waist-high and in some years, the forest is thick with these flowers – a stunning sight. These flowers were photographed near Lolo Peak outside of Lolo, MT.

Flathead Cherry

Flathead Cherry

Flathead Cherry – The east side of Flathead Lake is perfect for growing Flathead Cherries, and we in western Montana look forward to these local cherries arriving at the Farmer’s Market. I captured the richness of the colors and flavor with a range of deep to bright reds.

Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood Colorway

Weathered Wood – In our area, old pine trees weather to a lovely silver-gray with golden tan highlights. The inspiration for this colorway is an old white-bark pine tree that died standing and is now home to woodpeckers and other hole-nesting creatures. My Weathered Wood Colorway is a warm neutral that works well by itself and in combination with other colors.

Distant Mountains

Distant Mountains Colorway

Distant Mountains Colorway - Looking west from a mountaintop in Glacier National Park in summer, we saw mountains receding into the distance. It is an awe-inspiring and humble experience.  I tried to capture some of the depth of color, and the grandeur in this colorway.

Huckleberry Colorway

Huckleberry Colorway

Huckleberry – A delicious bowl of ripe huckleberries picked locally inspired this colorway. Deep red wine tones emerge from a navy base

Gray Granite Colorcard

Gray Granite Colorway

Gray Granite – The gray granite rock outcroppings are a dominant feature of the Rocky Mountain landscape.  The grays of these rocks are lovely by themselves, but serve as a handsome neutral background for other colors.

Spring Sapling

Spring Sapling

Spring Sapling - We had an early spring here in western Montana, and the long days and bright sunshine begged me to head out to the woods. The trees and saplings were bursting with new growth. Even the larches, deciduous conifers, were leafing out. I tried to capture the look of cheerful promise in this colorway. I hope it makes you smile.

Blue Spruce Colorway

Blue Spruce Colorway

Blue Spruce Colorway - This colorway was inspired by a blue spruce in my front yard. I love the play of blue, teal, grey, green in this tree. It is beautiful in all seasons

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