Montana Arts Council LogoI am deeply grateful for the suppport of so many wonderful people.
The development of this website (among other projects) was supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of the State Government.
The Montana Artrepreneurship Program of the Montana Arts Council helped me develop my marketing skills to improve the success of my fiber arts business. I appreciate the support of the many people who made MAP such a success.
Fiber Artists in Western Montana - I am part of a vibrant community of talented and friendly fiber artists. It is a great joy working with you. Special thanks to the Thursday Spinning Group - the most supportive group of friends you could possibly imagine!
Charles Janson, photographerSpinning Study Group of Long Island - I was so lucky to find you and be part of your group! Special thanks to my dear friend Carol Shybunko.
Last but not least, is my husband, partner, and greatest supporter, Charlie Janson.  He is a wonderful photographer too! He took most of the yarn and fiber images and every single beautiful landscape (and closeup) image on this website (except this one that I took, and many blog photos, taken with my cell phone). You can see more of his images here.
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