Here is a guided tour of how I dye yarn and fiber.
























The yarns and fibers are ready to dye. Each has a plastic tie color coded by yarn/fiber base (blue is Lambent). Combed tops are in mesh bags to protect them during soaking. Zane is there because otherwise this might be a kind of boring picture, and since he is my shadow, he is always there.



The yarns are put in to soak before dyeing. You can see my earplugs - I listen to audiobooks while I dye - makes the time pass much faster.


soak fiber

Fibers in their mesh bags are gently lowered into the soak solution. I make every effort to make sure the fibers don't felt.


measure dye

While the fiber is soaking, I measure out the dye solutions for the colorways I plan to dye.



And here I'm applying dye to the damp fiber and working it in with my gloved fingers. This is Aspen Bark colorway. Once the dyed fiber has been steamed, the colors can look quite different.


Yarns and fibers are wrapped in plastic wrap in preparation for steaming them. I put 2 or 3 skeins in each wrap to reduce plastic usage. 

Next the plastic wrapped yarns and fibers are put in a large steamer on my stove and steamed for ~45 min.  

I'll show you the following steps in the next blog post.










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