In my last post (The Dyeing Process, Part 1), I showed how I dyed the yarn and fiber and wrapped it for steaming. The photos below show the next steps.


Here is the yarn (brown) and spinning fiber (green) after it has steamed, then left to cool overnight. It is now ready to unwrap and rinse.



 Rinsing dyed Lambent yarn after steaming.



This is Lambent (blue tag) and Graceful (white tag) yarn in Pine Bark colorway, being rinsed.



Fiber being rinsed in its mesh bag.



After rinsing, yarn and fiber are put in my spin-dryer to remove excess water.



Hanging yarns and fibers to dry. I now keep a close eye on these when they are outside.  Last fall a little red squirrel stole a skein of yarn off the rack for its nest. Fortunately (for me) one strand snagged and I was able to retrieve my tangled skein!















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