I'm just back from the Trailing of the Sheep Festival held in Sun Valley, ID this past weekend. It was as glorious as it was last year, so I took lots of pics. This first picture shows the sheep after they participated in the parade down Main St., Ketchum.

sheep grazing


But lets start at the beginning. I set up my booth, with the able assistance of my friend Laura M., for the Folklife Fair on Saturday. This is what my booth looked like when the fair started. From then on, there were a whole series of the nicest customers you could imagine, and Laura and I were very busy!


booth edited

On Sunday, we watched the Trailing of the Sheep parade. There were Sheep Camps (where the herders live when tending the sheep on their summer ranges in the mountains around Sun Valley). I think this shows the same foal I photographed last year and posted to my blog. This photo, looking north, gives you a feel for the countryside around Ketchum, and the size of the town.

sheepcmpwfoal 1315

The families of the Peruvian sheep herders danced and played music. Abuela (granny) is to the right in this photo. She was at the heart of the group.

peruvian dancers

 The Peruvian Paseo Horses moved with grace.

peruvian paseo horses

This sheep camp was drawn by two somewhat skittish mules. You can see they are not sure what is going on.

sheep camp with mules 

The Scottish Bagpipes were second to last (the sheep were last). The bags have sheep covers!

Scottish bagpipes

And finally, a flock of 1500 sheep paraded through the town, accompanied by their dogs and herders.

sheep with their dog

Here they are, heading out of town, past trees in their fall glory. These are Panama Sheep developed in Idaho, a cross between Rambouillet rams and Lincoln ewes, for the rough conditions of the northern Rocky Mountains. 

sheep heading out of town

After the parade, we, and all the rest of the parade watchers headed out of town. That gave us plenty of time to take photos out of the car windows. Have I mentioned that the fall colors were beautiful?? The air was so clear, and the skies very blue.

yellow leaves

By the time we got out of town, the sheep had moved on to their post-parade resting place, and we were there to see them arrive. Here is Laura with the sheep.

Laurawsheep 1431

Soon the sheep moved into the trees. In the first photo of this post, they have settled to eat - being in a parade is hungry work for sheep.

sheep1 1465

Laura and I headed next to the sheep dog trials. I saw 'Babe' and I was still astounded by huge size of the trial field. I have marked where the handler (x), the 5 sheep being herded (circled), and the dog (y) are. The sheep are released below the arrow at the base of the mountain. The dog and handler start at the white pole on the left. Laura and I sat and knit in the cool air and sunshine and watched the trials for about 2 hours. It doesn't get much better than that!

sheep dog trial

On Monday morning, we headed home. This is what fall colors look like outside of town.

fall countryside

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